MBL Solutions

MBL Solutions is one of the members of an industrial group founded by Vancor LTD with the participation of the companies named the Solar Suisse and  Suisse Laboratories, involved in research and development in the areas of Green Economy.

In addition to the well-established areas of design and production, MBL Solutions shares with international partners new and interesting projects in the fields of hybrid cars, LED lighting technology and energy storage.

Internationally recognized, it promotes innovation and the use of clean technologies in order to reduce the effects of pollution, energy waste, while protecting the environment.

MBL offers solutions for the following sectors:

  • solar
  • packaging
  • microwave
  • robotics
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via Gravina, 156

70033 Corato (Bari), Italy

Tel: +39 080 8984295

Fax: +39 080 3591246